The First One


“Why not start a blog?” they said
“It’s fun!” they said

So this would be me starting a blog, mostly to talk about some of the things that I make and sell, partly to show you pretty things I’ve found while wandering aimlessly around the internet and probably to also share the occasional photo or two of my cats, I am a confirmed crazy cat lady and will happily wear the badge (once I’ve made it, it’s on my to do list so I will get there eventually…possibly, it’s a long list you see!)

So in the spirit of newness I’ll share a pic of my new favourite earrings to make, and to wear too! Lovely teeny tiny moon and star studs that you can find in my Etsy shop.

Moon and Star Studs



What’s in the box?

What’s in the box? Jewellery, lots of jewellery all waiting to be photographed.

Taking pics of my jewellery is one of the things I put off and put off because it just takes so long! I don’t have a huge amount of workspace and I’m a messy worker so I use every scrap I’ve got (and then some!) so to take photos I need to clear it all away. Sounds simple I know but it’s also simple to just put it off for another day. Well this is that day!
I’ve not managed to get many done, just a handful to be honest but a handful is better than none and it’s a start.

So, what jobs do you put off as long as possible and why?blueab1Amethyst and elephant braceletamethyst ele

They’re not extinct yet you know…

Pandas, what a life! Sitting and lying around all day not doing much but playing, eating and sleeping, sounds pretty good to me!


I’ve had a weekend off, shopping with my daughter, getting my hair dyed, eating yummy things and generally having a bit of family time so this morning I was full of energy (ish) and ready to get making, this is one of the things I made.
I made the pendant while I was doing my last big batch of resin pendants but hadn’t got around to using him yet but now he’s strung from a pretty beaded necklace and ready for re-homing, just make sure you have plenty of bamboo in ready 😉

pandaaPanda necklace